NADD e-learning

NADD e-Learning is the new Web application for student training and learning verification.

NADD from 1984

NADD is a well-established and internationally recognized reality, who boasting a wide network of instructors, diving centers, qualified technicians and diving, tourism and sports sector experts, and it collaborates with public and private institutions. Every year, thousands of people turn to Instructors NADD to learn to dive or to expand their underwater horizons, attending advanced courses and specialty.


Rules and procedures of NADD courses are compliant and certified according to the directives of the European Community (certification EN) and to the International ones (ISO certification). These certifications are issued by the certifying bodies UNITER and EUF, leader in the quality sector, and qualify NADD as International didactics. NADD has also been a member of the CMAS Technical and Scientific Committee since 1997.

My NADD Professional 2.0

My NADD Professional 2.0 is the Web platform specifically designed for NADD; it is responsive and accessible also from smartphones and tablets. Through My NADD students and instructors have acces, in a unique application, to all the necessary functions for their learning and courses management, such as e-learning, digital certifications always available online with the function Card Check, online certification request, verify their status and qualifications, orders of materials, Download Area and much more.