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Acquisition of consent to the data processing of the person concerned

Information under the code regarding the protection of personal data (D. Lgs 196/03 – hereinafter the "Privacy Code")
We would like to inform you that the Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 ("Code of Protection of Personal data") provides for the protection of persons and other subjects in relation to the processing of personal, common and sensitive data. According to the rules indicated, this treatment will be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of its confidentiality and rights.
According to art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, therefore, we provide you with the following information:
1) The personal, tax, common and sensitive data already acquired or that will be provided by you directly or collected from third parties will be subject to treatment by NADD-ANASEND for the purposes specified in point 2 below), and treated in Compliance with the regulations in force.
2) The data provided by you (including curriculum, photos, etc...) are going to be processed and used for the purposes and fulfillment of the management of the relationship with NADD-ANASEND, such as affiliation, membership and the fulfillment of obligations under laws, regulations, Community legislation and provisions provided by authorities legitimized by the law;
3) The processing of data (including curriculum, photos, etc...) may cover all the operations referred to in article 4, paragraph 1, lett. A) of the Privacy code, and in any case will be held in accordance with the provisions of articles 1 and 11 of the code itself. The treatment will be carried out with modalities and tools suitable to guarantee the security and the confidentiality and can be carried out by means of manual, computer or telematic instruments to manage, memorize and transmit the data on paper supports, Magnetic and digital. The processing operations will be carried out directly by the organization of the proprietor, by the aid of its own managers, delegates and appointees, in accordance with the arts. 29 and 30 of the code itself;
4) The conferral of data is optional with express warning that, however, any refusal to provide such data may lead to the impossibility of taking into account the application for affiliation or membership and, more generally, the consequent failure or partial execution of the report or the failure to continue the report;
5) The data will not be shared with other subjects and, only after express consent, may be communicated to other subjects both for strictly functional and institutional purposes of NADD-ANASEND, and for other operations such as professional activities and data processing centers in charge and also:

- The health data will be processed by NADD-ANASEND and by the managers or delegates to allow the provision of the training provided by the program;
- The treatment on sensitive data will be carried out exclusively under the general authorizations issued by the privacy guarantor and the data in question will not be communicated to other subjects nor will they be disseminated or transferred abroad.
- The e-mail addresses provided may be used by NADD-ANASEND to send advertising material related to services similar to those covered by the current relationship.
6) The data, only after express consent, may be communicated to the sponsor companies to provide information, including commercial, on services offered or future initiatives, and to partner companies of NADD-ANASEND for informative campaigns or own activities Promotional or commercial. In addition, your data including a curriculum may be communicated to entities or companies interested in any recruitment where you are interested.
7) Any images/photos and/or photographic footage may be used free of charge for future initiatives for information campaigns or their own institutional or promotional activities.
8) The treatment duration will not exceed the one required for the purposes for which the data and images have been collected, in compliance also with the obligations of a civil, fiscal, tax and accounting nature, in force;
9) The data controller is NADD-ANASEND.
10) The controller is NADD-Anasend president, who is domiciled at the national headquarters;
11) The person concerned is entitled at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of the same data and to know its contents and origin, to verify its accuracy or to request its integration or updating, or the rectification (article 7 of Privacy code). Under the same article, you have the right to request the deletion, the anonymous transformation or the blocking of the data treated in violation of the law as well as to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment.

I declare that I have seen and read the information of data processing available in the download area of the site, in accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, and have freely provided its data and therefore:

For the processing and communication of personal data for the purposes and subjects indicated in the information, and for the dissemination of personal data for the purposes and within the scope indicated in point 5 of the informative

For the treatment of sensitive data necessary for the conduct of the operations indicated in point 5 of the information

For the dissemination of personal data for the purposes and within the scope indicated in point 6 of the information